Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP) - Updates (MT21005)- Hort Innovation

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The 2021 Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP) survey for apples, pears and cherries is now open. Growers are encouraged to participate, as the SARP will provide an updated view of current priorities and gaps regarding pest, disease and weed control.

The SARP process involves industry consultation and desktop studies to...
  • Assess the importance of the diseases, insects and weeds that can affect each industry
  • Evaluate the availability and effectiveness of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides (pesticides) in the control of these plant pests
  • Determine any gaps in the current pest control strategy
  • Identify suitable new or alternative pesticides to address the gaps.
Surveys are available to growers to contribute to the process. Access the SARP surveys below for a range of industries.