Types of Jobs


There can be jobs available for all ages and skillsets. Most jobs require skills that can be learnt on the job and some may need a level of training eg. Forklift or truck driving.
Your employer will let you know what is required.

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Some jobs you could try


Picking is the most common type of job in horticultural work. There are different types of picking.
• Color & Size – this picking involves choosing the fruit to pick according to its size, colour, or both. The grower will show you examples of what should be picked. This involves smaller and particular quantities of fruit being picked .
• Strip picking - this involves picking more or less all the fruit produced by the tree unless it is damaged. This type of picking usually happens at the end of the harvest season.
Picking from trees can involve using ladders to reach higher branches, although some orchards are becoming ladder-free.


This involves sorting and packing fruit. The working conditions are similar to factories, with packing staff working on a production line.


This usually occurs prior to the start of harvest. The smallest fruits are removed so that the others have space to grow bigger.


When one variety is picked, some growers will then start pruning those trees using pruning shears (secateurs).
Pruning shears can be electric or manual depending on the region and the type of pruning.
Pruning can be paid according to how much you get done, or paid by the hour, depending on the type of trees. Manual pruning shears require repeated effort from your hands and can be tough to start with.

Other jobs could include driving forklift or tractors, managing the freshly picked fruit, pruning or planting new fruit trees.

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