SuperFriend in your workplace

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Almost one in two Australians experience mental illness in their lifetime1, and it’s important to recognise the signs of mental illness and how to support your family, friends and colleagues.

What are the impacts of mental illness?

  • · Mental illness is the biggest barrier to workplace participation and collaboration
  • · 20% of your colleagues will experience a mental health condition in a year
  • · 90% of staff think mental health is an important issue for business, but only 50% believe their workplace is mentally healthy1

AustSafe Super has partnered with SuperFriend to help you stay mentally healthy. As a member of AustSafe Super, you have access to support offered by SuperFriend, including various programs which can be implemented at your workplace.

Who is SuperFriend?

SuperFriend is a national mental health foundation supporting businesses to build cohesive, high-performing teams with positive, psychologically safe environments. They partner with superannuation funds to support Australian businesses with mental illness.

To find out how SuperFriend could help your workplace, call your local Regional Manager, Michael Wynne, on 0400 979 942. You can also check their free online resources at

SuperFriend 2016 Annual Report

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