GV Emerging Leaders see firsthand the Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere Storage Units.

The GV Growers/ Emerging Leaders Group met last Thursday evening at GV Storage Coolstore. Mark Novotny from Novotech Industries was available to give the group some inside information as well as see firsthand the Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere Storage units from Isolcell Italia Technologies.

Mark gave the group some background on the system which has extensive detailed research dating back 15 years for all our old and new apple and pear varieties on the market.

DCA works by keeping the cool room as free of oxygen as is possible without the fruit falling into an anaerobic state where it will start to break down and rot. The fruit needs to continue the photosynthesis process to remain alive and by removing the oxygen and maintaining correct Co2 levels the fruit is basically put into a very slow breathing cycle which is monitored and maintained via sensory samples and some pretty advanced technology.


The Growers were able to ask Mark questions about the new technology including how it can be retro fitted onto old cool rooms bringing some grower/packers into a competitive edge.

Mark also let us know about what is happening overseas in regards to market access and public opinion on DPA and 1-MCP fruit. Dynamic storage is being seen as the latest and cleanest method of long term storage as it cuts out multiple pre storage dips, bin handling and logistic issues which saves both the grower and the pack house time and money.

DCA fruit is less susceptible to storage rots, scald and break down which also saves in waste and grade quality.

Isocell has the right to this particular technology and has been a proven leader in the field due to their results and the integrity of their research and follow up standards. As new information and technology comes on the market the company has first option to acquire the rights and pass that information on to their clients.

For more information and resources you can download the Uc Produce Facts App from Google play and IOS which is a great resource and very interesting as it shows you information for all fresh commodities got to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=postharvest.ucdavis.edu.producefacts&hl=en

Also the news letter from the developer of the tech is very interestinghttp://postharvest.ucdavis.edu/

There is an article in on the APAL website by Dr Gordon Brown and Dr Robert Prange explaining DCA and the benefits of adopting it as a storage method go to http://apal.org.au/dynamic-controlled-atmosphere-storage/

Mark is also available to be contacted directly at http://novotechindustries.com.au/ or on 0438220680

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