Covid-19 Updates: Face Masks in Victoria changes

COVID-19 Information & Updates

Victoria To Further Relax COVIDSafe Settings
Victoria will further relax its COVIDSafe settings, allowing for more visitors in the home, reduced mask wearing and an increase in the number of people allowed in live music venues and other settings.     

  • From 6pm on Friday 26 March, masks will no longer be required in retail settings but Victorians will still need to carry one with them at all times and wear it on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and taxis and in sensitive settings such as aged care facilities and hospitals.
  • Victorians will be able to host up to 100 people in their home per day. Outdoor gatherings in public places – the beach, the park – can also increase to 200 people.
  • Visit the DHHS website for further information on the latest restrictions update
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