Changes to Seasonal Horticulture Directions/ Handy Covid Resources

Changes to Seasonal Horticulture Workers Directions

Further to the Premier’s press conference and the release of Workplace Directions No 11 (Additional Industry Obligations) there are two important changes to the seasonal workforce testing requirements effective from 11:59pm Sunday 8 November 2020.

  • The requirement for seasonal workers relocating from Melbourne to regional Victoria to have a COVID negative test has been removed
  • The surveillance testing program remains in place and is applicable to all farms in VictoriaDHHS has advised this means an employer undertaking seasonal horticulture work must allow (and keep records of) DHHS to carry out COVID-19 surveillance testing on its seasonal workers at the seasonal Work Premises if requested. The focus for surveillance testing, at this current time, remains on farms in and around Melbourne.

All other requirements for seasonal horticulture (fruit and vegetable) remain in place including the need for a Seasonal Horticulture Worker COVIDSafe plan, use of worker bubbles and other COVID safe practices, increased record keeping, and an additional COVIDSafe plan for accommodation and transportation where it is within the responsibility of the employer or labour hire provider.
As we move towards COVID Normal, businesses and community facilities are being reminded about the importance of effective implementation of COVIDSafe Plans. 
The range of materials prepared for seasonal horticulture are being updated and will be available shortly on the website.  The latest Additional Directions can be found here: Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations Directions) (No 11) 
Information on seasonal horticulture worker guidance and COVIDSafe plan can be found

Handy Covid Resources:
Below, you will find links to websites that offer various tools to assist with issues such as contact tracing, temperature screening, QR Code scanning to complete health screen questions etc…

Contact Harald (

  • Bluetooth card system.
  • Records ‘contact events’ when 2 or more cards come within 2 meters of each other for 2 minutes or more.
  • Data presents the ability to proactively manage people / areas of the workplace where close contacts are occurring + prompt report of close contacts in the event of a suspected / confirmed case.
  • We have provided these cards to all workers, critical contractors and regular drivers.

COVID Pass (

  • Used across our smaller facilities as part of the daily health screen.
  • QR posters displayed on entrances.
  • Worker scans the QR reader using their camera (Phone) which prompts the completion of the health screen questions.
  • These questions can be customised.

Noah face (

  • Temperature screening

Smartbadge: Smart Badge

  • Real time access to all contact tracing within your business or event - Meaning no two week delay on tracing your contacts over a set period of time
  • Targeted Isolation- This means, rather than an entire business isolating or event being cancelled when a positive case of Covid 19 is reported, only those who are known contacts of the positive case need to isolate. The rest of the business can continue work unaffected. Significant data for hospitals
  • Targeted Deep Clean– Similar to targeted isolation above, Smart Badge can reduce the need for a complete building or site deep clean in the event of a positive case.  Only those areas that the Positive case and close contacts have moved through need to be deep cleaned. Again, allowing minimal flow on effect for the business.