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What is it?
The Growfruit App is a web based tool that uses the Phenological degree day (DD) modelling for the management of the key moths (Codling Moth; Oriental Fruit Moth and Light Brown Apple Moth) in Pome and Stonefruit production.

What are DD?
All insects require a certain amount of heat to develop from egg to larva to adult. The total amount of heat required to develop from one stage to another is calculated in units called degree-days (DD). If the average temperature in 24 hours is one degree higher than the minimum temperature required for a particular pest, one degree-day is accumulated, this helps you time a treatment to when the pest is at the stage you are targeting. Note for the moths above each has a different minimum temperature threshold for growth.

How does it work?
The application works on entering trapping data to establish a biofix date (i.e. first sign of new season activity) and from this acquired information data is fed into the program and using historical and forecast data from either a dedicated weather station on farm or a nearby Bureau of Meteorology station, a recommended spray date application is created and the period of cover the grower will need to apply it for that particular generation. This includes the CM 1st generation for both the 1st and 2nd Cohort emergence, which can catch many growers out.

How do I get access and do I need a computer?
The program is managed by Fruit Growers Victoria, the grower is given yearly access to use the program on a subscription basis. The grower is given the URL (website address) to access the site and then issue a unique username and password to ensure their data entered is only available to them. Strict confidentiality is maintained for each individual grower and only FGV administration as the manager of the App can have access to all data which will not be forwarded onto any third party.
It is best to use this program on a computer but it has Interface ability (zoom in and zoom out) on IPhones and IPads so access in the field is catered for.

Who can access it?
A grower can provide authorised access to a third party consultant for data entry only and to provide advice on control options available during the season.

When is it used?
The timing is for trapping is at the early bud stage of the crops and the data collected from this establishes the biofix, this should be done on a weekly basis as a minimum. Then the data is entered into the program and dates are created.

Is it too late to use this program this season?
No, if the data has been collected from the start of the season on a weekly basis the moth entries can be put into the program now and the calculations and timings will still work the same.

How many blocks can I do?
The number of properties and blocks you choose to do is entirely up to you and there is a facility to add and remove blocks from the program.

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How can a grower get value out of this program?
All moths including CM; OFM & LBAM have the potential to cause significant damage to a grower’s crop but using this program to predict the timing of the vulnerable growth stages of the pest then it can be effectively controlled with properly timed treatments that keep damage below packout thresholds.
The App has the capability for the grower to improve their spray timing using degree day modelling and trapping data, with this more accurate timing the confidence to apply more targeted specific insecticides i.e. ovicide, larvacide, etc. can result with a more successful strategy. Knowing what life stage the pests are at during a given day or week helps target control methods more effectively.
Also due to many growers entering data into the App, FGV has the ability to provide aggregated regionally specific weekly updates of trapping data of all these key pests, which provides a benchmark to the individual grower as to where they are travelling in terms of activity in their region.

Who do I contact?
To find out more about the App and what it can deliver and to be able to access the program for this season please contact FGV’S Grower Services Manager, Michael Crisera on 0358253700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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