H2OX was launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of improving the efficiency of the water market and creating a level playing field for all market participants.

The water market currently lacks transparency and liquidity. It has various conflicts of interest which often sees participants paying significantly higher transaction prices than necessary. H2OX is trying to resolve these issues, to ensure that participants can achieve better market outcomes.

H2OX are leaders in water market innovation, creating new products and changing the way that water is traded.

As an exchange (not a broker), we are independent of the price of water which ensures that we don’t benefit from higher water prices. We charge a transparent flat fee per ML for allocation trades to ensure participants are getting the best outcomes.

Using state of the art exchange technology, trades with H2OX are more secure, transparent, faster and at a significantly lower cost than competitors. Having same day clearance and settlement you get your money or your water faster.

We pride ourselves on publishing independent information about the market, to assist irrigators in making informed decisions.

 James Waterfall, Analyst- Exchanges
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