The Emerging Leaders Group was invited to visit a local Kiwi fruit orchard and pack house in Bunbartha.

Ryan Donovan who is the manager for Seeka was pleased to host the event and show the group how Kiwi fruit are grown and answer any questions the group had.

Ryan and John took the group through the canopy showing us how the vines are grown, trained, pruned and cared for.


This was very interesting as most of us have never seen a Kiwi fruit vine let alone one in mass production. It was interesting to hear about the challenges faced in growing Kiwi fruit and the many differences compared to growing apples and pears.

One main theme that came out is that Kiwi fruit require a great deal of physical input and are very subject to weather conditions.

We then headed over to the purpose built packing shed and storage areas. The shed was not packing any fruits on the day.  At first glance, it appeared to be a typical pack line but when the process was described we were quite glad the line was not running. Kiwi fruit produce a lot of fluff and dust.

Emerging Leaders Seeka visit pic 1







Emerging Leaders Seeka visit pic 2







Emerging Leaders Seeka visit pic 3