Who are the Emerging Leaders Group……

The Emerging Leaders is a group of growers, managers, staff, service providers and associated businesses, who welcome all members of the horticulture industry. The group is made up of these people who are of all ages and are enthusiastic about fruit growing in the Goulburn Valley. The group provides an environment where members can come together in a social environment to share ideas and common experiences. By networking with people who are facing the same challenges and celebrating shared triumphs and by having the opportunity to meet as time permits there is many opportunities to get off farm and increase our knowledge.

Throughout the year, the group will meet to discuss what is happening on orchard, highlight key issues, farm management practices with a view to capture feedback and input from the growers. Most meetings include a guest speaker who is relevant to the current issues that growers may be facing and to provide practical information or product advice. When possible, the group will visit a local orchard to view different growing structures and orchard techniques or visit an alternate cropping system such as kiwi fruits or Avocados.

Fruit Growers Victoria is pleased to assist with the management of the group and fully support the Emerging Leaders. Last year FGV was able to obtain funding for the group which allowed an overnight visit in January to Batlow to visit Montague Group’s Batlow orchard division, a trip to Tasmania visiting several orchards, a packing facility and local tree nursery and more recently a visit to the Adelaide Hills apple growing region of South Australia.

The group has allowed like-minded growers and industry members to come together and drive their own learning and networking. It’s a great opportunity for growers to engage in the wider horticulture community in the GV and share experiences and key learning. All are welcome so feel free to contact FGV if you are interested in attending future meetings or feel that you may like to provide sponsorship in kind to an emerging clutch of leaders in the hort industry.