Future Orchard Walk - Goulburn Valley, 01 April 2019 at Plunkett's Orchards

Goulburn Valley Autumn Orchard Walk
‘Climate, quality, and post-harvest’

Time:         9:00am - 12:30pm
Date:         Monday 1st April 2019
Location:  Plunkett Orchards- Starritt Road, Ardmona
Guest Speakers: Ross Wilson & Robert Weidmer

Robert is from the Südtiroler Beratungsring/South Tyrol Consultancy Ring of Advisors for Orchard and Viticulture.  With 6,829 members, the Beratungsring is the world's largest privately owned consulting organisation in the fruit and wine sector providing independent and objective advice on the economic and environmental production of apple, viticulture, apricot and cherry.  While Robert advises on all aspects of the fruit industry his focus for the orchard walks will be the methods used by the South Tyrolean apple industry in general to ensure eating quality and their incorporation of new technologies to assist.

A great opportunity to see the new Harvesting Platforms in action!

More information to follow.

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