4 ways to look after your mental health during the holidays!

The ‘silly’ season can be a great time to recharge from the work year, celebrate with loved ones, and prepare for the year ahead. But for many Australians – particularly in rural areas – it can also be a time that’s met with increased levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness.

It’s important that we all give a little extra care to our mental health and wellbeing during this time of year, as well as caring for those around us if we can. AustSafe Super’s workplace mental health partner, SuperFriend, has listed four of their top tips below for the holiday season.


 Talk about how you feel with family and friends

Feeling a little more stressed or anxious than normal? Talk about it. Sharing and being listened to can help create feelings of being supported and encourages others to share with you too. Try to reconnect with a card, email or phone call.

Eat well, exercise and make time for sleep
According to SuperFriend’s 2018 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey1, 22% of Australian workers surveyed experience work-related insomnia, which can affect every element of life. This is particularly relevant in the 35-44 age group (26%), and even more so for those experiencing a mental health condition (33%). Consider whether sleep is a problem for you during the holidays and try to build your day around having a restful night by eating well, doing some light exercise, and creating a relaxing routine before bedtime, without technology.

Look out for those around you
Christmas can be a lonely time for some and small gestures of inclusion can go a long way. If you know someone who is struggling with poor mental health that will be alone during the holidays, think about inviting them to join you for celebrations or see if you can organise another time to visit.

Ask for help when you need it
Your GP and other support services are all available to help you.

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Disclaimer:1SuperFriend’s 2018 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey

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