Fruit Fly and Weather outlook for September 2018

The season is starting to gear up and we are having some warm weather.

Now is a good time to run through the orchard with a bait and kill application.

The flies that have been overwintering will be active and looking for a food source so it is a good time to use the bait and kill method to knock down any that may be flying through the area.

Please find attached report by Andrew Jessup ( Fruit Fly Educator) 'Fruit Fly and Weather Outlook for September 2018 – Goulburn Murray Valley' and regional graphs.

Thank you to Andrew Jessup, Fruit Fly Educator and the Goulburn Murray Valley  (GMV) Regional Fruit Fly Group, for providing this information.

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Download this file (2018-19 TOTALS - combined URBAN regions.pdf)Combined Urban Regions Graph109 kB582
Download this file (2018-19 TOTALS - combined RURAL regions.pdf)Combined Rural regions Graph113 kB583
Download this file (FF Outlook September 2018 REV 20170904.pdf)Fruit Fly and Weather outlook 2018186 kB617