Gippsland Fruit Growers Meeting- Tuesday 18th September @ 6:00pm at the Pine Grove Hotel, Beaconsfield Upper

Gippsland Fruit Growers Meeting

Tuesday 18th September 6.00pm
Pine Grove Hotel 45 Stoney Creek Rd Beaconsfield Upper

Drinks and meals to be ordered on the night.


-Phil Lyons (Falcon UAV Australia) will discuss the use of drones for bird scaring in orchards, and demonstrate his AgFalcon drone.

-Jason Hingston (Territory Manager - Organic Crop Protectants) will discuss the Splat Bloom pheromone pollination enhancer that encourages bees to forage further for longer, and demonstrate the ‘Splatagator’ mechanical applicator, which will be available for orchards to use this flowering.

-Scott Montague will discuss Montague’s export program, how it works for growers, and what growers need to be aware of.

For discussion on the night:
▪ Potential increase to Apple & Pear Levy

RSVP Thomas Phillips at Armour's Apples for the booking at the hotel (in the Club Bar)
Mob: 0401 283 510
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