Canada trip for young growers!

Young horticulturists from northern Victoria wanting to expand their horizons have an opportunity for overseas travel in a Rotary Club program.
Successful applicants will be able to participate in an expenses paid trip to Canada to study horticulture in that region.
Ideally, applicants are being sought who may be potential rising stars within our strong horticultural industries in northern Victoria.

The visit will focus on new developments within the horticultural industries in Ontario as well as showcasing its strengths and professionalism.  Highlights will include: 

  • Weather monitoring and disease prediction services
  • New developments in frost control
  • Changing patterns of apple consumption and development of the cider industry
  • Hop production and breeding to meet the demand from the craft brew phenomena
  • Local cooperative structures in a changing market environment
  • Managing and maintaining/expanding export markets in the face of international competition and changing export protocols
  • Developments in post harvest management of new varieties.
  • Visits to leading growers, pack-houses and research stations.

Les Mitchell, from the Rotary club of central Shepparton, will be coordinating the application process.  A formal application must be completed by December 18 and interviews and final selection completed by January 31.
Initial questions can be directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0427438235.