Time is Ticking – Maximise Your Super Contributions

Changes to contribution limits passed through both houses of Parliament on Wednesday 23 November 2016, as part of the Federal Government’s superannuation reforms.

From 1 July 2017, after-tax (non-concessional) contributions will be limited to $100,000 a year for those under 65 years of age, reduced from the current $180,000 limit. Or $300,000 over a period of three years, currently $540,000. These changes are targeted at making the superannuation system more sustainable for all Australians.

It’s a considerable reduction to the after-tax contribution caps, but there’s still time to take advantage of the current legislated contribution caps and contribute up to $540,000 for the 2016/17 financial year. Known as the bring-forward rule, if you’re under the age of 65 as at 1 July, and have not utilised the bring-forward rule in the previous two financial years, you can still do so before 30 June 2017.

Your after-tax contributions are contributions you can make into your super fund once tax has been paid on them.  These include:

  • Personal contributions – made by you personally on which no tax deduction is claimed.
  • Spouse contributions – contributions made by your spouse to your fund on your behalf.
  • Excess contributions – contributions you have not elected to release from your super fund.

If you think you’re in a position to take advantage of the $540,000 after-tax cap, it’s important to seek advice to ensure it aligns with your current retirement planning strategy.

Our Financial Planner1 is available to discuss and determine if you have a need for personal advice, without any obligation. A quote will be provided for your approval to proceed. Call 1300 131 293 to find out more.

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