SAVE THE DATE - Future Orchard Walks - Summer 2016



Goulburn Valley - 29 Jan 2016
Southern Vic - 04 Feb 2016

he next round of Future Orchards® walks are set to commence at the end of January with special guests Mauricio Frias from Chile and Dr Nigel Swarts from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture at the University of Tasmania. The topics for the next round of walks will differ on each loop with the northern team focusing on growing apples using mechanisation, and the southern group looking at tree crop nutrition and physiology.

Mauricio Frias is a horticultural consultant with the Pomanova Group in Chile and will be the guest for the northern loop. He has more than 30 years’ experience in horticulture specialising in apples, pears, cherries and kiwifruit. 

Mauricio spends a great deal of time travelling out of Chile to learn the latest techniques and management ideas in horticulture.Mauricio’s areas of expertise include: all aspects of fruit production; mechanisation of fruit production; critical orchard analysis; sprayer diagnostic and calibration for a desirable coverage at maximum speed with limited water volume; and thinning apples: primary (winter pruning), secondary (flowers), and tertiary (fruitlets). - Read more on the APAL Website