Showcase & promote Australian grown fruit

New export development collateral               APALLogo

APAL has developed a suite of new export development collateral to showcase and promote Australian apples and pears for use by our exporters and international buyers. 

 Under the banner ‘Picked for Perfection’ the material seeks to show Australian apples and pears as healthy, high-quality, fresh, and ‘clean and green’. The Australian Orchard seal ‘Grown for goodness’ with the kangaroo helps to make Australian produce readily identifiable as ‘Australian’ in Asian markets to take advantage of our nation’s existing brand awareness in these markets.
The graphics can be deployed across a number of mediums; shelf wobblers, in-store ticketing, fruit stickers, posters etc.

APAL invites all Australian apple and pear growers to use the material, which is available by contacting Olivia Tait, Market Development Manager on 03 9329 3511, 0409 554 078 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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