The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA, alongside Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, VFF and Fruitgrowers Victoria are seeking information from orchardists throughout the present fruit harvest to better understand the impacts various native protected species are having on fruit yields over the season.

We would appreciate photographic evidence of protected species such as fruit bats, cockatoos and lorikeets eating and damaging orchard fruit in your orchard this harvest. Aim for good quality images which clearly depict the culprit and the resulting damage.

Accompanying information such as postcode, time of day/night, crop, estimated loss and approximate bird/bat numbers will help us map the distribution and better understand the extent of the problem.

We are planning on providing some factsheets on what sort of damage different species cause to better assist farmers with identifying the protected species causing the most damage on their property. 

Please see below the option to download the Flyer for the Hotline for reporting damage caused to fruit by protected species. We have also made available Karen Thomas's presentation in relation to this issue.