FGVL's Winter Snapshot!!!


by Petar Bursac, Industry Development Manager, FGVL

Update on season: eg weather, pest & disease pressures, crop prediction, quality expectation, price indication:

  • Winter is the best time for pruning and training of young trees by forcing main branches into a horizontal position.
  • Winter spraying of dormant oils should be postponed until spring is breaking.
  • Average rainfall has given growers across Victoria more confidence with production for season 2016/17. Whilst the rain has been beneficial, some growers report this has caused a delay in pruning.
  • Temperatures have been low across Victoria and we are on track to receive adequate cold chill hours which should result in good setting of crops.
  • Pear prices are good with both Packhams and Corellas returning well. However, growers hope that the mite in late summer 2016 does not impact on flowering this season.
  • Apple prices are improving as more quality fruit comes out of CA.
  • Winter is also a good time to update notes, maps and review IPM protocols and spray diaries.

Other industry updates/significant events: 
Fruit Growers Victoria are organising a meeting of young growers and young farm managers called Developing Growers Network Meeting on 28th of July 2016 at 6pm, Peppermill Shepparton. More information can be found on FGVL web site and in the flyer below.  Besides interesting presentations, young growers will have opportunity to discuss with each other and exchange their experiences. This group of growers will maintain regular meetings with different relevant topics. 
Potential issues:
Growers will need to be vigilant in regard to fruit fly this season as the humid conditions are favourable for their emergence.



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